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© 2018 Tucson Mountain Shuttle, LLC

Tucson Mountain Shuttle USDA Forest Service Temporary Special Use Permit For Outfitting & Guiding, Reference ID BF030505y0213

Authority:  Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, 16 U.S.C. 6802(h) – (Ref. FSH 2709.11, Section 41.53 and 37.21b)

All footage filmed on USDA Forest Service lands were authorized via Special Use Permit SAN1842 – Aerial footage by FAA license, under 14CFR §107, Remote Pilot Certificate #3912553 – Cyclist footage on Forest Service property created for personal use, published onYouTube (permission Matt Zimmer) – MBT footage on Forest Service property created for personal use, published on YouTube (permission Scott Gallo) – All other video & imagery produced by Reelworthy, LLC

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